Air-Barn Dry Hay Storage System for Bale Band-It Bundles, Large Square or Round Bales.
  The Air-Barn is a revolutionary new dry hay storage system that provides superior ventilation and yields higher hay quality over traditional barn storage. The Air-Barn is versatile enough to be placed alongside the field, yet it protects your valuable crop from the elements and preserves hay quality. All you need is the Air-Barn system and electricity. The Air-Barn keeps your capital investments to a minimum, while having unlimited dry hay storage capacity. Need more dry hay storage? No problem, just add another Air-Barn. Air-Barn can store Bale Band-It bundles, large square bales, or round bales.  
Need More Dry Hay Storage?
  Bale Band-It Bundle - 21 small square bales Large Square Bale Round Bale  
Air-Barn provides easy, cost efficient storage for
Bale Band-It Bundles, large square bales or round bales!
How It Works:
  • Easy Transport to New Air-Barn's Location Easy Transport to New Air-Barn's Location Simple tongue hook up allows you to pull the Air-Barn Loader to any location

Dry Hay Storage  
Air-Barn keeps initial capital investments to a minimum and
No Hay Barn
provides a portable barn that is tax free with unlimited storage capacity!
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